Working at EDGE | EDGE – Smart Solution Manager
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EDGE – Smart Solution Manager

Smart Solution Manager

This full-time position is based in Amsterdam


What we do

We are a fast-growing smart real estate company, changing the world for the better. Joining EDGE means joining a highly energetic team of more than 100 professionals that together redefine the real estate industry on a daily basis. We are product owners, developers, engineers, business strategists, computer scientists and many more. All working towards our greatest goal: serving the world with better buildings. Because we strongly believe buildings can be healthier, smarter, more sustainable and at the same time incredibly cool.

Are you up for the challenge?

What is amazing about this job?

You have the possibility to develop better buildings for the world. As Smart Solution Manager with preferably a MEP background you are part of the Smart Solution Excellence Team. The Smart Solution Excellence Team is part of our international Innovation Platform that is responsible for defining the strategy and ambition level of our future developments and finding new, innovative ways to excel on our four pillars: sustainability, wellbeing, design and technology across our portfolio.

The main responsibility of the Smart Solution Excellence Team is the definition of our future smart and MEP products based on research and development, acting as implementation manager of the smart solutions and MEP systems during project implementations. The Smart Solution Excellence Team is the owner of the “Smart Solution Package” and “Smart Solution Design Guide”. The Smart Solution Package is a state-of-the-art MEP building solution with cloud-based building automation systems, IoT sensors, smart lighting, highly secured backbone, access control, security systems, smart ceilings and many more building related systems. It is realized in collaboration with key suppliers to deliver smart solutions to our clients and users worldwide. The Smart Solution Package will grow over time to a more standardized design of the complete Mechanical and Electrical installation setup within EDGE projects.

As Smart Solutions Manager, you ensure a successful implementation and commissioning of the “Smart Solution Package” in the EDGE projects. Being based in Amsterdam you will work together with the smart solution colleagues who are based in our headquarter in Amsterdam and Berlin. You will also be collaborating with our Development Managers world-wide for project implementations. As member of the Smart Solution Team, you will also closely collaborate with our subsidiaries EDGE Next and EDGE Workspace.

All in all, as a Smart Solution Manager you and our high-performance team are key members, shaping the future of the company as you make sure we never stop implementing the smartest most recent market trends in our building product.


The Smart Team

EDGE is a flat hierarchy organization, with the urge to grow. While the everyday life is hierarchy-less, so in case of emergency also a last word must be spoken.

Our Smart Team is currently composed of the people as shown below.

  • Head of Development Global (CDO) Ultimately responsible for all EDGE Real Estate projects and board member. He is the one to convince when we deviate from the standard (for example in the area of innovation).
  • Smart Global & Netherlands (Senior Smart Solution Manager) Mainly responsible for the current Smart standards and manages the entire Smart department on a global level. He is also active in the Dutch and English projects as Smart Solution Manager.
  • 3 x Smart Solution Managers Germany Responsible for the German projects in the Smart division.
  • Smart Solutions Manager Netherlands = Vacancy



  • Manage the implementation and delivery of the Smart Solution Package to multiple complex projects in various design and implementation stages across different countries, to ensure timely and superior completion of all deliverables.
  • Manage and oversee the project contracts with our Smart Solution Package partners to cover risks back-to-back.
  • Set and review the budgets and manage the planning process for the Smart Solution Package delivery.
  • Challenge the pricing and solutions offered by our smart solution suppliers.
  • Form effective work relationships and networks with smart suppliers and service providers.
  • Work with other EDGE teams to help support EDGE’s growth.More specific:
    • As part of the Smart Solution Team, you will support the design teams of different EDGE projects in the specification of the Smart Solution Package in different countries (starting in The Netherlands and where possible within UK, DE, etc.).
    • In collaboration with the other members of the Smart Solution Team, you will be working on the definition of the Smart Solution Package/design guide and help with the further continuous development of EDGE Smart Solutions. Further developments will also be related to complete a standardized Mechanical and Electrical design setup of EDGE projects worldwide. For the standardization of these Mechanical and Electrical design setup, a comprehensive MEP background is preferred.


How we work

  • Bring your ideas and vision to live. We are constantly improving our product and how we work. If you have great ideas, this is the right place to have them heard and put into action.
  • Flexible Work. Most of our tasks can be done from anywhere and we are flexible in terms of location. Certain tasks (such as exchanging ideas, explaining concepts and, of course, giving tours) can only be done on site. You have to be able to do these. We also have a beautiful office with lots of nice little things (like free lunch, a ping-pong table and an always-filled fridge) and a particularly pleasant atmosphere among the colleagues who want you to work in the office.
  • No micro-management. I neither have the time nor the desire to write work plans for everyone. You have to be able to manage 95% yourself. Only the really big milestones are put together. Working independently is a must.
  • Cooperation on an equal footing. We work as a team. Every team member is on eye level with everybody else. Be that the new intern or the C-level executive.


Competencies relevant for the role

  • Self-reliant team player, strong communicator, problem solver, innovator, results oriented
  • Enthusiastic personality with a high level of energy
  • Able to cope with time pressure and dynamic surroundings
  • Commitment to change and flexibility
  • Sustainability driven
  • Entrepreneurial, and self-starting/motivating capabilities
  • Commercial drive



  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in preferable: Mechanical Engineering, Installation Technology, Electrical or  Building Services
  • 3-7 years of experience in building services or companies that develop or advise building services solutions
  • Interest in and experience with MEP and smart building technology
  • Fluent in Dutch and English


Would you like to know more or apply directly?

Send your CV, including a motivation letter to Nicolette Speerstra (Senior Manager People & Organisation) to