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Building a better world.

One building at a time. 


Our goal is simple. Change the world by building better buildings. It’s possible. Buildings can be healthier, smarter and more sustainable. And yes, cool too. Do you want to change the world? Join us.

Work in the healthiest office in the Netherlands #WellVideo

Join us


What is amazing about this job? You have the possibility to develop better buildings for the world. You will be part of our Development Team that is responsible for the entire development process of o...

As a Smart Solution Manager Germany you are part of the Smart Solution Excellence Team.The main responsibility of the Smart Solution Excellence Team is the definition of our future smart products base...

As a project assistant you enable our projects to succeed with star rocking smooth administrative processes that make sure the whole team can profit from. You allocate all resources that the project t...


People power


We love challenges. Using the latest technology and thinking, changing buildings and the world for better. We can because our people can. Our people and our culture are the driving force behind our success.

Best job in the world?

It’s official 

Our Amsterdam HQ is one of the healthiest buildings in the world. A smart mix of inspirational and sensible. A waterfall (why not?!) and quiet zones for concentrated work. Ambient sounds for a soothing atmosphere and a yoga and meditation room. Lots of plants. Regular health checks and training. Even a guide ion how to sit properly at your desk. We believe in the magic of three. Hard, healthy and happy work.

Go go go! 

Our company is built on collaboration and team spirit. We regularly organise team events, which are anything from an innovations day to a bike trip in the countryside. Having fun together is a must!

Sustainable transport

We offer financial support for travel from home to the office. The greener the better.

Healthiness is happiness

We organise weekly bootcamps in every country where we operate. And cycling days. And running competitions. And yoga in the office.

We encourage talking while eating

We provide office catering with plenty of heathy drinks and snacks, fruit and vegetables, all day long. We feel lunchtime is a moment to connect and interact with your colleagues. You can even chat: ask what they like doing outside of work…

Continuous learning

We stimulate your development. In fact, we set aside a budget for all of our people to help them grow. Our internal education plan has been created to stimulate your mind, to develop both your hard and soft skills. We also organise in-company training sessions.

More information about what we do?