Working at EDGE | Our team
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World changing team


We are the people changing the way the world builds buildings. You can be part of our irresistible force for change.


They take full responsibility for the entire building development process. Managing and coordinating all internal and external stakeholders in each project. They are guardians for the success of all EDGE buildings.

Development team


Researching and implementing the highest standards when it comes to the wellbeing, sustainability and design of our buildings.

Product team


Our commercial team is at the business end of EDGE.  Examining acquisitions and overseeing the leasing and sales of our buildings. Ensuring that our vision isn’t just vision, but a viable commercial fact.

Commercial team


Keeping both our projects and the business running smoothly. This includes planning, organizing, accounting and controlling.

Finance team


Creating a working environment fit for heroes. Ensuring the best way of working and the best working conditions.

HR team


They are the storytellers. Always looking for new material, new media and new ways to connect people and our brand.

Branding team


100% dedicated to a perfect computer infrastructure. So that we always move full-speed ahead. Giving us the tools to redefine real estate.

IT team

Building a better world.