Working at EDGE Technologies | Smart Solution Manager / Berlin
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Smart Solution Manager / Berlin

Smart Solution Manager / Berlin

As a Smart Solution Manager Germany you are part of the Smart Solution Excellence Team.The main responsibility of the Smart Solution Excellence Team is the definition of our future smart products based on research and development, acting as implementation manager of the smart solutions during project implementations. The Smart Solution Excellence Team is the owner of the “Smart Solution Package”. The Smart Solution Package is a state-of-the-art IoT platform and building automation solution. It is realized in collaboration with key suppliers to deliver smart solutions to our clients and users worldwide. The Smart Solution Package will grow over time to a more standardized design of the complete Mechanical and Electrical installation setup within EDGE projects.

As a Smart Solution Manager, you ensure a successful implementation and commissioning of the “Smart Solution Package” in the EDGE projects. Being based in Berlin you will work very closely with your team which is based in our headquarter in Amsterdam. You will also be collaborating with our Product Excellence Team, Lean Design Team and Development Managers based in Europe and USA for project implementations.

All in all as a Smart Solution Manager you and your high-performance team are key members, shaping the future of the company as you make sure we never stop implementing the smartest most recent market trends in our product.


Responsibilities you have

  • Manage the delivery of the Smart Solution Package to multiple complex projects in various stages across different countries, to ensure timely and superior completion of all deliverables.
  • Support the Smart Package Company operations team to ensure the smart solutions work and are maintained in accordance with specifications.
  • Manage and oversee the project contracts with our Smart Solution Package partners and the Smart Package Company to cover risks back-to-back.
  • Set and review the budgets and manage the planning process for the Smart Solution Package delivery.
  • Challenge the pricing and solutions offered by our smart solution suppliers.
  • Form effective working relationships and networks with smart suppliers and service providers.
  • Work with other EDGE teams to help support EDGE’s growth. More specific:
    • As part of the Head Quarter Smart Solutions Team you will support the design teams of different EDGE projects in the specification of the Smart Solution Package in different countries (to start with Germany and were possible within UK, US, NL, etc.).
    • Be responsible for the German translation of the Smart Solution Package
    • In collaboration with the other members of the Smart Solutions Team working on the definition of the Smart Solution Package and help with the further continuous development of EDGE Smart Solutions. Further developments will also be related to complete a standardized Mechanical and Electrical design setup of EDGE projects worldwide.


Skills required

  • Bachelor or master degree in engineering/technology
  • Several years of experience in offices for building services or companies that develop building services solutions
  • Interest and experience with smart technology
  • Sustainability driven
  • Commitmentto change and flexibility
  • Fluent in English and German


Would you like to know more or apply now?
Whether you have questions about this position, or are ready to get started as our new Smart Solution Manager, please contact us or send your CV, certificates and motivation letter to Mary Lynn Podstawski (HR Manager) via